After over 5 years and 420 shows as Go Kart Mozart, we are excited to introduce the world to Muncie! The rumors are in fact true. We are officially changing the band name, as of right now. We have had some amazing, crazy, memorable, frightening, beautiful, and all around exhilarating experiences circling the country in our trusty van, Muncie, and and have decided to name the band after her.

The album that we have been working on these past 6 weeks or so (and that still has an active Kickstarter campaign, which you can donate to by following this link) will be released under the name Muncie. We could not be more excited to share the new music! It is certainly a much different direction for the band, in comparison to our previous albums as Go Kart Mozart, which is one of several reasons why we have decided to change the name of the band.

Go Kart Mozart would like to once again express our sincere appreciation to everyone that has been a part of our lives over the years. We have had an incredible run and have made some outrageous stories (most of which we are more than happy to share, if you just ask). To all of you that have watched us perform, bought (or illegally downloaded) our music, booked us, fed us, let us crash on your couch/floor, played or sang with us at a show (or on our past albums), sent us hate mail because we are not Lawrence in the U.K., liked us on Facebook, friended us on MySpace, followed us on Twitter, asked us about our stickers: THANK YOU! Let’s keep that love alive for Muncie…


It has finally launched! Please back our project on Kickstarter. Every little bit helps!

CLICK HERE to view the project page and to contribute!

We have been having a positively amazing time recording all of our new songs over the past few days! Since Friday, we have been very busy little bees at Chapla Labs in Emeryville, CA (Seth Chapla’s new studio) working closely with engineer Andy Freeman (Eisley, Max Bemis) on the new full-length album. It’s been a fantastic trip so far and we could not be more excited about what we have done already, which is the bulk of over a dozen tracks. The guitar, bass and drums were tracked the old-fashioned, rock and roll way: live, without a click track. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of very, very talented musicians overdub some treats for your ear buds, too, including Dave Lockhart on fiddle, harmonica, banjo and cello and Joe Buzzard on Saxophone.

In order to fund this new album and the national tour in support of it, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign shortly. Please stay tuned for lots and lots of updates!

My, oh, my! August is going to be a crazy, fantastic month for Go Kart Mozart. We are kicking off the month with a run of local shows this week, starting with a performance at the very first ever installment of a new series at Red House in Walnut Creek called Rock Thursdays! This is a FREE, 18+ show featuring us and a couple of bands from Southern California. Check out the event on Facebook!

Once we rock WC on Thursday, you can catch some more mellow Go Kart Mozart at 2 acoustic shows over the weekend: Friday at Phil’s Sliders in Berkeley and Saturday at Ale Industries in Concord. Sunday we’ll be out at the Green Tortoise Hostel in SF, for an awesome fun performance for travelers from all over the world. After Sunday, we’re very much looking forward to a jaunt down to Hollywood for a show with Dom Liberati on August 11th! Shortly after the little So Cal trip, we’ll be hitting the studio to FINALLY, once and for all, record our new, much awaited and anticipated, full length album. Yes, we have done about 20+ songs already over the past few years, but we have decided it best to start over from scratch and do it all at Seth Chapla’s new studio in Emeryville, with the help of engineer Andy Freeman.

In support of this new album, we plan to tour the U.S. in October-November. Booking is just beginning, so if you know of a place for us to play in your town, please email us and we’ll do our best to schedule it. Can’t wait for this very busy, exciting month! We’re going to go ahead and call it now: best month for us EVER!

We are excited to be back on the road, even if it’s only a brief stint. Tonight we are in Redding at Maxwell’s Downtown Eatery, then the rest of the weekend we take off to the great, lovely state of Oregon for 3 more shows. We are actually on a set break right now, so I suppose I should figure out what to play next set. Any requests? If so, email them to us at!


Good evening! We are looking forward to tomorrow’s acoustic show at Phil’s Sliders in Berkeley! This is kick off of our new, monthly residency at Phil’s every FIRST FRIDAY. Yes, we do realize that tomorrow is the second Friday of the month, thanks. This “regular” gig is in addition to the “Un-Unplugged Series” at the Actual Cafe in Oakland on every 3rd Saturday, which we will be passing off to some friends this month. To find out why, keep on reading…

In addition to tomorrow’s show, we have a lot to look forward to in June, like our favorite time of the year – NO PANTS FEST in Lancaster! We’ll also be playing at the olde Frog & Peach in San Luis Obispo on Sunday night after the festival, June 17th. In July we’ll be heading up to Oregon for a little mini-tour, which will include a performance at the Oregon Country Fair (which we are very, very excited about). What a summer! We plan to conclude the summer by getting into the studio for a brand new, full-length album of goodness for your ears.

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us and our good friends in Dom Liberati at both Red House and the Actual Cafe last month. Talk about 2 awesome nights!

Ok, we’re a couple of days behind on the whole official “May Day” thing, but today is still a day…in May, making it a “May Day” nonetheless. Anyways, we are very excited for our show TOMORROW night at Benicia’s most awesome hangout, the Rellik Tavern! This is our second time here for three fun sets of rock and/or roll, so please bring your dancing shoes! The Rellik is a great place for craft beers, cocktails, coffee and (of course), LIVE MUSIC! We cannot wait to be back there again!

In case you were wondering how our “2 bands, 1 Van” tour with Felsen went, we are pleased to say that it was a success! So much of a success, in fact, that (amazingly enough) the van didn’t even explode! Not even once! What a miracle. It was nice to see Oregon again, and we are looking forward to returning in July for the Oregon Country Fair (details pending). Please keep an eye out for updates on more tours, more studio recordings, and more live recordings to be posted on the Live Music Archive! Did you know we have over half a million downloads (606,271 to be exact) on the Live Music Archive? Don’t believe us? See our page here.

We hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! It’s great to be here in California for what is shaping up to be a most lovely Spring and Summer. Despite our love for CA, we are very excited to be heading up to Oregon and Washington for a mini tour this weekend (Wednesday-Saturday). This will not only be our first out-of-state tour in quite a while, it will also be our first joint tour with another local band. Our good friends Felsen are going to be joining us in our good old van, Muncie, for this road trip. Our bassist, Shane, has been working hard on the van all week, and we are mildly confident that it will make it a few miles before exploding. Just kidding. Especially if you are reading this and happen to play in the band Felsen. We swear, we won’t explode you.

In other news, we are finally back into the studio, finishing up vocals on over a dozen tracks that we have recorded over the past year or so. We hope to have them completed soon. When they are ready, we will give them to you.

If you’ve read this far, you obviously have at least a minute or two to kill, so please clickey clickey on this linkey linkey and votey votey for Anna in the Hit Like a Girl 2012 female drummer competition!

Thanks much! See you soon. Lots of live shows coming right up…

Ok, I suppose it’s really not that mad of a March, all things considered. I was just debating whether or not to call this entry “March Madness” or “Beware the Ides of March,” neither being particularly relevant, but both equally catchy! In any case, we are particularly excited about this month though because tomorrow night (March 11th) we will be playing a very special, very acoustic show at our favorite slider shop in Berkeley, Phil’s Sliders! Phil’s has amazing sliders (either meat or mushroom, bacon optional), and even more amazing desserts. You MUST try the S’mores bars and Oreos! We kick off at 7pm – come hungry!

Not only are we looking forward to Sunday, but next week on Saturday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), we will launch the kick-off of our first installment of a monthly “UN-unplugged Series” that we are hosting at the Actual Cafe in Oakland. We’ll be playing with RonDre and our old friends Panic Button. If this kick-off goes well, then we will hopefully continue the series on a monthly basis, every 3rd Saturday of the month. Please come enjoy some good food, coffee, draft beer, wine and of course – MUSIC!

Also coming soon (April) is our “2 Bands, 1 Van” Northwest tour, plus the exciting conclusion of our long awaited album recording project. We are happy to be alive and making music for your enjoyment. Please enjoy responsibly.

It’s been a fun month for us here at the Go Kart Mozart factory so far! We kicked it off last Friday with an awesome show at the Rellik Tavern in Benicia. What a great venue! After a fun show, we did a little last minute rehearsing on Saturday in preparation of our recording sessions over at Ex’ression in Emeryville on Sunday and Wednesday. As you can see, we were hard at work throughout last Sunday’s session, and the engineers were delighted to spend an otherwise uneventful afternoon in the company of Go Kart Mozart!

Last week was our 4th group of sessions at Ex’pression for the latest album,. After the 5 songs we tracked last week, this brings us to almost 20 to choose from for the next record. We still have overdubs and mixing to complete, but you can expect the tracks to be available soon for FREE! That’s right, you heard us.

Please take a second to check out our shows page, as it (like the Firecracker that Vince once sang about) just EXPLODED! We have lot’s of local shows on the books, including a new Indie Rock series on the 3rd Saturday of the month (starting in March) at the Actual Cafe in Oakland. We also just announced some dates for a short Northwest tour with our good friends, FELSEN. Lot’s of cool stuff! It’s good to be back in full force, y’all.


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