We hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! It’s great to be here in California for what is shaping up to be a most lovely Spring and Summer. Despite our love for CA, we are very excited to be heading up to Oregon and Washington for a mini tour this weekend (Wednesday-Saturday). This will not only be our first out-of-state tour in quite a while, it will also be our first joint tour with another local band. Our good friends Felsen are going to be joining us in our good old van, Muncie, for this road trip. Our bassist, Shane, has been working hard on the van all week, and we are mildly confident that it will make it a few miles before exploding. Just kidding. Especially if you are reading this and happen to play in the band Felsen. We swear, we won’t explode you.

In other news, we are finally back into the studio, finishing up vocals on over a dozen tracks that we have recorded over the past year or so. We hope to have them completed soon. When they are ready, we will give them to you.

If you’ve read this far, you obviously have at least a minute or two to kill, so please clickey clickey on this linkey linkey and votey votey for Anna in the Hit Like a Girl 2012 female drummer competition! http://www.hitlikeagirl2012.com/videos/go-kart-mozart

Thanks much! See you soon. Lots of live shows coming right up…