Ok, we’re a couple of days behind on the whole official “May Day” thing, but today is still a day…in May, making it a “May Day” nonetheless. Anyways, we are very excited for our show TOMORROW night at Benicia’s most awesome hangout, the Rellik Tavern! This is our second time here for three fun sets of rock and/or roll, so please bring your dancing shoes! The Rellik is a great place for craft beers, cocktails, coffee and (of course), LIVE MUSIC! We cannot wait to be back there again!

In case you were wondering how our “2 bands, 1 Van” tour with Felsen went, we are pleased to say that it was a success! So much of a success, in fact, that (amazingly enough) the van didn’t even explode! Not even once! What a miracle. It was nice to see Oregon again, and we are looking forward to returning in July for the Oregon Country Fair (details pending). Please keep an eye out for updates on more tours, more studio recordings, and more live recordings to be posted on the Live Music Archive! Did you know we have over half a million downloads (606,271 to be exact) on the Live Music Archive? Don’t believe us? See our page here.