After over 5 years and 420 shows as Go Kart Mozart, we are excited to introduce the world to Muncie! The rumors are in fact true. We are officially changing the band name, as of right now. We have had some amazing, crazy, memorable, frightening, beautiful, and all around exhilarating experiences circling the country in our trusty van, Muncie, and and have decided to name the band after her.

The album that we have been working on these past 6 weeks or so (and that still has an active Kickstarter campaign, which you can donate to by following this link) will be released under the name Muncie. We could not be more excited to share the new music! It is certainly a much different direction for the band, in comparison to our previous albums as Go Kart Mozart, which is one of several reasons why we have decided to change the name of the band.

Go Kart Mozart would like to once again express our sincere appreciation to everyone that has been a part of our lives over the years. We have had an incredible run and have made some outrageous stories (most of which we are more than happy to share, if you just ask). To all of you that have watched us perform, bought (or illegally downloaded) our music, booked us, fed us, let us crash on your couch/floor, played or sang with us at a show (or on our past albums), sent us hate mail because we are not Lawrence in the U.K., liked us on Facebook, friended us on MySpace, followed us on Twitter, asked us about our stickers: THANK YOU! Let’s keep that love alive for Muncie…