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We could not be more excited for a brand new year to be upon us! 2011 was a blast, as we were fortunate enough to perform (and record) with some great friends and musicians throughout the year. In 2012 we are looking forward to not only finishing up (and releasing) at least one new studio album of both originals and covers, but also excited to start touring again. Our current tour plans for the year are most likely going to kick off with a joint tour with our friends Felsen, tentatively planned for early April. We have about a dozen tracks recorded over the past few month in queue for the next studio album, with some more studio time scheduled for early February. Although no official release date is set, we are excited to have this music available online for your listening pleasure ASAP. Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking with us throughout the years. Happy 2012, y’all!

Good afternoon, internet. We are looking forward to a fun show tonight at the Panama Red Coffee Shop in good ole downtown Livermore. Please come hang out with us a bit, hear a bunch of our new songs, a few classic oldies from the Go Kart Mozart catalog, and (of course) covers, carefully selected for your enjoyment! We play from 8 to 10pm. It is free and all ages can come enjoy the music, coffee, tea and smoothies!

In other news, we have been busy recording some more for the new album, and playing all across the Bay Area. A special thanks to our favorite guitarist Nick Montes for flying up from Hollywood to track a few songs with us before the Thanksgiving break. Thanks also to our latest bassist, Shane DeLea. We’re glad to have him back rocking with us!

We have a few more local shows coming up this month before kicking it up a notch for 2012 with new recordings, shows, tours, merch, etc. Can’t wait! Happy holidays, y’all. See you tonight…

Happy Halloween! We love holidays here at the Go Kart Mozart factory, which is why we’re super excited to have not just one, but TWO fantastically fun shows for this spooky weekend. Catch us TONIGHT at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View for a nice long set starting at 8pm. If you can’t make it tonight, then you’re in luck because we have yet another local show tomorrow, 10/29 at 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco. We start at 7pm, so you can get your pre-party in with us before heading out to your late night parties in the city! Don’t forget your costumes!!

We had a great time on our mini-tour up to Oregon last weekend, despite a little bit of a setback with a blown heater hose on the van. Thanks to Good Sheriff from Seattle, Washington for playing with us in Redding (and for letting Anna fill in for your drummer!). Good times! Thanks also to the Trillium Cafe and the good people of Hood River for your kind hospitality. We hope to see you all again soon! We’re tentatively aiming to hit the road in a more serious way early next year. As always, stay tuned for all the details! For now, check the shows section for a bunch of local events in the next couple of months.

We’re excited to have our friends Faster Than Light (Tucson, AZ) in town for a show with us tonight at the Stork Club in Oakland. You know you love to extend your weekend a bit and go out on a Thursday night! Come hang out with us for one of our first shows with the new GKM line-up, featuring vocalist Emily Gude  and bassist Shane DeLea. Brothers Gow, recently relocated to Concord Rock City, will also be playing. See you tonight!

We are also getting geared up for a mini-tour up to Oregon for late October (21st to 23rd). So far we’re booked in Redding and Hood River, with a Portland date pending. Can’t wait to get back on the road (even if only for a few days)!

Well folks, it has been a while since we last updated you on the latest Go Kart Mozart happenings. We took it somewhat slow in August, compared to all the show and recording excitement that we had in the earlier summer months. Now that it’s September, we’re starting to get busy with shows again (see the “Shows” section for all that is booked so far), plus we have an album to finish recording, too! If you happen to make it out to any of our shows, you’ll notice that we’ve undergone some personnel changes. Due to an insane school schedule, Xavier is no longer able to play with us. We have nothing but love for him, and we miss him dearly, but we are excited to be once again playing with our original bassist, Shane DeLea! We’re also thrilled to have an additional vocalist performing with us, the lovely and talented, Emily Gude. Guitarist Nick Montes has a few more shows with us before he takes off for school down in Los Angeles. We’re (of course) going to miss playing with him, but we plan to make as many trips down that way to visit him, and (of course) play some shows. A Portland mini-tour is also in our not-too-distant future, too. As always, keep an eye out on here and on Facebook, Twitter, and ReverbNation for our latest news. Thanks and see you all soon!!

It’s been a great summer for us so far! We’re sad to be nearing the end of it, but excited for everything that we have planned for the near future. If you’d like to reminisce with us over some of this summer’s greatest moments, please take a little trip over to the Live Music Archive. What is the Archive, you ask? The Live Music Archive is home to live recordings of about 40 of our shows, alongside of many, many other live recordings of all sorts of great bands. You can view our archive at: http://www.archive.org/details/GoKartMozart.

In other news, we’ve been busy recording our new album. We’re proud to say that all of the basic tracks are complete. We have officially moved on to the overdubbing phase. No release date is set as of yet, but please stay tuned for more details about the release. There are a few more upcoming local shows on our calendar, including a show this Sunday night at the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco. Hope to see you all soon! Please don’t forget to show us love on Twitter (@gokartmozart11) and Facebook!

What a great weekend we just had down in Southern California! I, for one, am still recovering from it. We were honored to be a part of No Pants Fest 5 at A Wing and A Prayer in Lancaster. Just like No Pants Fest 3 and 4, No Pants 5 was a blast. The weather was great, the crowd was pumped, and the BBQ was delicious. Thank you to all of the folks in Lancaster for being so awesome (as always)! After Lancaster, we spent a day playing in San Louis Obispo at Boo Boo Records and Frog and Peach. With the exception of a random, unexpected dog attack on Anna, the weekend could not have been better! We have a few local and semi-local shows coming up in July, in addition to another recording session at Ex’pression in about a week. After the Ex’pression session, we’ll take the tracks to good ole Music Time Academy for more overdubs and mixing with our new toy, the SM7B! Woo hoo!! Have a safe, warm and BBQ-filled holiday weekend, y’alls!

Last Saturday and Sunday we embarked on the recording of our third full length album. As opposed to the last two that we recorded entirely on our own, this time around we took advantage of an awesome local facility, Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. We had a blast recording to 2″ tape through their Neve and SSL consoles and some amazing outboard gear. Unfortunately, our tape reel could only hold 30 minutes of music, so we were limited to just 7 songs (for this session). We recorded live (with all 4 of us playing together), just like you see in the movies! Recording live is often difficult, however we really like the energy and feel of playing together so we were excited to get to record in a facility that could accomodate it. We’ll be adding vocals and other overdubs at Music Time Academy (Anna’s studio). Another Ex’pression session is scheduled for July. We hope to track at least 5 more songs at that time.

Not only were we busy recording, but our live show schedule is still quite full. After 3 weeks in a row of Friday night shows in San Francisco, we finally take a break from the city and head down to Mountain View for a show this Saturday at Red Rock Coffee. This is our first show in that area, so please come on out if you happen to be in town. We are (of course) really looking forward to our 3rd time playing NO PANTS FEST down in Lancaster! Check out the shows section for many, many more GKM appearances.

What are YOU doing this Friday? Well, I’ll tell you what we’ll be doing – playing our little hearts out at the Union Room at San Francisco’s Biscuits & Blues! This is an important local show for us, so please come show some support. We’ll be playing all night (8:30 to 11:30pm), so please stop by for a drink or dinner and (of course) live music from your friends, Go Kart Mozart! It’s been busy times for us as we play all sorts of shows in the midst of preparing for recording. We’re set to go into the studio to begin recording the new album on June 4th & 5th. So far it’s looking like 12 or so new original songs will be recorded, along with some covers. Any requests for covers to put on the new album? Please email your suggestion to anna@kidmoe.net, or (as always) feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter any time. Don’t forget to visit the Archive for all the latest live recordings, like this one from Ex’pression College a couple of weeks ago: http://www.archive.org/details/gkm2011-05-02.


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